TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration
Research and Experimentation

New responsabilities: rethinking regeneration

TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration

Published 2015-11-16


  • Regeneration,
  • Connection,
  • systemic control

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Focà, A., & Laganà, A. (2015). New responsabilities: rethinking regeneration. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (10), 179–185.


“Regenerative Design, Green Strategy” is a research placed within the debate on the management of construction projects in urban areas with the aim of providing a scientific methodology of control of the effects (taking into consideration the relations among buildings, the environment and non-material elements of an urban area); this is also useful to reevaluate the pri- orities of construction projects, considering all the environmental, social, economic and technological aspects of the place; in other words, it represents a framework that gives same value to both the control of the transformation of the elements within the urban area and to the linkages among those elements. The testing phase takes place in the creation of design guidelines, structured at different levels, for regenerative interventions on the environmental system of the axis of the “Torrente Calopinace”, in the southern part of Reggio Calabria. 


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