TECHNE 19 (2020): The public space

Lyon: the integral design of the public space

Laura Valeria Ferretti
Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto, Sapienza, Università di Roma, Italia

Published 2020-01-28


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Ferretti, L. V. (2020). Lyon: the integral design of the public space. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (19), 45–56.


Several major European cities since the 1980s have based a crucial part part of their resurgence on public space intervention programs.  Not  only  rediscovering  the  value  of  collective  places  in  social  and  public  life  but  also  discovering the need to rethink public space as a place for civil life and the need to focus on project, to bring together previously separate competences: network engineers,  traffic  engineers,  architects  and  landscapers.  The first to choose this road was Barcelona, which created and transformed  its  image  of  an  idle  city of the Franco era into the current city of the movida. The most recent in order of  time  was  Lisbon,  which  saw  a   profound   renewal   and   change   in   the quality of life thanks to the coherence of the innumerable interventions along the Tagus, both in the center and in  the  periphery  of  the  city  (Ferretti,  2019).


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