Call for Associated Editors


The Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA) is seeking to appoint new members of the editorial board as Associated Editors. Candidates should be familiar with the agricultural and applied economics profession and have an extensive knowledge of the relevant literature.

They should have a good publishing record and reviewing expertise. Additional qualifying features are:

  • experience as a member of the Editorial Board of a scientific journal;
  • a stimulating vision regarding the position and development of BAE;
  • ability to work in a team and to manage deadlines;
  • good expertise with supporting web applications and dissemination through social media.

Candidates will be shortlisted so that two candidates will be first selected to serve as associate editors for the period January 2024 – December 2027, while the others will be eventually called if other positions will be available.

 Profile of BAE

BAE is a free open-access on-line journal promoted by the AIEAA. Although mainly devoted to scholars and well-established researchers, BAE also encourages submissions by young researchers, teams involved in ongoing research projects, and relevant actors in the field of bio-economy and related public policies. BAE publishes contributions on the economics of bio-based industries, such as agriculture, forestry, fishery and food, dealing with any related disciplines, for instance resource and environmental economics, consumer studies, regional economics, innovation and development economics. BAE is published by the Firenze University Press (FUP), and is indexed in many scientific databases, including ISI-Web of Science (IF year 2022: 1.2) and Scopus (Citescore year 2022: 1.7).

BAE currently operates with two Editors in chief and four Associate Editors. The normal term for an Associate Editor is 4 years.

 Editors’ duties and method of working

The Associate Editors are in charge of managing the assigned papers from the choice of the reviewers to the final decision, including proofreading of accepted papers, and contacts with authors if needed.

FUP provides the following support for the editorial process: on-line software for submissions of papers, including on-line tracking and storage facilities for correspondence and documents; all technical and production services from the point of manuscript acceptance onwards to publication.

 Editor’s remuneration

The BAE Editors do not receive any remuneration.

 Application process

Applicants are requested to send their application by e-mail before November 30th, 2023 to the AIEAA president Simone Severini ( and CC: (Subject: Application for Assistant Editor of BAE).

The application must consist of:

1) Curriculum Vitae with specific emphasis on the qualifications required for the Associated Editor of BAE;

2) A half-page accompanying e-mail letter, explaining the applicant’s vision for BAE.

Applications will be evaluated by a committee including the current Editors in chiefs, the AIEAA President, and two members appointed by the AIEAA Board. Potential applicants who would like to receive more information before applying can contact the current Editors in chiefs: Fabio Bartolini ( and Silvia Coderoni (