Vol. 12 No. 3 (2023)
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Farmers’ acceptance of a micro-irrigation system: A focus group study

Maria Sabbagh
Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Sassari, Viale Italia 39/A, Sassari
Luciano Gutierrez
Department of Agricultural Sciences and Desertification Research Centre, University of Sassari, Viale Italia 39/A, Sassari

Published 2023-05-15


  • UTAUT model,
  • Focus group,
  • climate change,
  • Micro-irrigation,
  • Technology acceptance

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Sabbagh, M., & Gutierrez, L. (2023). Farmers’ acceptance of a micro-irrigation system: A focus group study. Bio-Based and Applied Economics, 12(3), 221–242. https://doi.org/10.36253/bae-13464


Despite water scarcity and the numerous benefits offered by micro-irrigation systems, the implementation of these systems on potato crops in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon is notably low. This could be related to the local farmers’ acceptance to use this technique. The objective of this study is to investigate the factors that may or may not affect the adoption and investment in a new micro-irrigation system. For this purpose, the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) served as the conceptual framework. A qualitative approach using focus group discussion was applied. A total of six focus groups with 34 farmers were conducted in the three main districts of the Bekaa Valley. From the analysis, performance expectancy, effort expectancy and facilitating conditions emerged as the three most prominent factors which influenced the farmers’ acceptance and adoption of micro-irrigation systems. According to the results of the focus groups, potato farmers are willing to adopt a new micro-irrigation system if they are assured that it will result in gains and reduce the amount of time and effort required for farming Barriers included lack of knowledge about the system, financial capabilities and extension services. Participants were enthusiastic about the idea of adopting a micro-irrigation system, but hindered by the unstable socio-economic conditions in Lebanon and the financial situation. It was concluded that age, experience and voluntariness of use exert an effect on the related major determinants. This study will provide recommendations that can be considered while drafting agricultural policies.


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