Aestimum 48 (2006)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

La gestione del rischio in agricoltura: l'uso degli strumenti assicurativi in Italia

Published 2009-06-01


The agricultural activity, in comparison to other productive activities, it is more subject to the problems of risk and uncertainty that can engrave deeply on the result economic ending. The agricultural entrepreneur, besides the tied up risks to his own activity, it has to face those caused by unfavorable climatic events, as a result of the place in which the most greater part of the agricultural activities are made. Actually to today Italian farmers had been able to count on a system of public indemnify for the damages, every time when these have been provoked from natural and atmospheric calamity. Recently however the Community Agricultural Politics has replaced the various measures of support of the management of the markets and the prices with a system of direct decoupling payments, breaking that strong bond that united the direct payments to the type and the volume of production. The present job sets the attention on the available tools for the management of the risks in agriculture actually, with particular reference to those concerning insurances.


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