Aestimum 49 (2006)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

La costruzione sociale del paesaggio rurale: l'approccio del «milieu innovateur»

Published June 1, 2009
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De Rosa, M. (2009). La costruzione sociale del paesaggio rurale: l’approccio del «milieu innovateur». Aestimum, (49).


The paper analyses social dimension in modelling rural landscape. Starting point is the identification of landscape as a resource and the activation of social leverages for its valorisation. A milieu innovateur approach is utilised to test all the components play a role in this dynamics: innovative, territorial and organisational. From the innovative point of view, we are in presence of a cultural innovation that attributes to landscape the role of resource; to valorise it, an organisational adjustment is necessary to foster cooperation among all the actors involved. But, not all territories express the same capability to this end: some of them could show different social attitudes. By crossing interaction and learning dimension, four different kinds of milieu and four different capabilities to socially build landscape resource are derived.


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