Aestimum 61 (2012)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

Real estate function impact on its value exemplified by the city of Gdańsk

Published February 21, 2013
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Wojewnik- Filipkowska, A., Rymarzak, M., & Trojanowski, D. (2013). Real estate function impact on its value exemplified by the city of Gdańsk. Aestimum, (61), 167-183.


Spatial planning is connected with speculations in real estate market, which deepens the process of urban sprawl. Adequate land management supporting free market – both investment decision of businesses and location decisions of households – is necessary if amorphous city growth is to be prevented. A change, or even information about change in the local plan determines decisions in the real estate market. On the basis of the studies conducted it can be said that the factor causing the greatest value increment is the possibility of development. To assess the possible success of investment projects and the value of real estate it is important to identify the changes that have been occurring in the growth of urban areas and their suburban expansion; whether they follow a certain pattern and whether it is possible to foresee them. The article presents city growth stages and models as well as selected concepts of sustainable growth as a response to the adverse process of suburbanisation.


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