Vol. 8 (2012): «Scuola. Riforme, sistemi educativi, insegnamento»

Il sistema scolastico tedesco

Published December 27, 2012
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Köhler, P. (2012). Il sistema scolastico tedesco. Storia Delle Donne, 8(1), 57-80. https://doi.org/10.13128/SDD-11891


A portrayal for the German education system seems difficult, because in Germany the administrative sovereignty lies with the different states und therefore a unified system does not exist. The article tries to convey an impression how standard guidelines and their various interpretations have an effect on education, starting from the education in kindergartens to universities. Not only the present situation is being described, but also the changes and tenden- cies during the last 40 years are being explained. In this context three important events are highlighted; the outcome of the movement in 68, German unification, and the shock caused by PISA. Special attention is given to the changing role of the students and teachers, the different types of schools and the position of women. Concerning universities the implementation of the Bologna Process’ is being accentuated.