Vol. 8 (2012): «Scuola. Riforme, sistemi educativi, insegnamento»
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“Asincronie del femminismo”

Published December 27, 2012
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Maldini, D. (2012). “Asincronie del femminismo”. Storia Delle Donne, 8(1), 199-205. https://doi.org/10.13128/SDD-11898


This contribution offers a careful reading of the book Asincronie del femminismo, by Paola Di Cori. Articulating its thematic points, Maldini builds a “dialogue” with the Author, which is deepened by mutual evaluation of Hannah Arendt’s, Maria Zamnrano’s and Natalie Zemon Davis’ thoughts. Asincronie del femminismo appears as a sort of intellectual autobiography by a Feminist woman who considers a past where she was actively involved and participating. She tries now to investigate that past and share it with her readers/partners, in order to focus its peculiarities. Di Cori’s analysis is —together with Maldini’s reading of it— a subtle and thorough observation on Feminism, History, Biography/Autobiography, Gender e Gender History, Women and the University, Teaching of History and much more.


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