Studi Slavistici IV • 2007

La poesia di Taras Ševčenko. Prove di lettura

Published 2007-12-01

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Brogi Bercoff, G. (2007). La poesia di Taras Ševčenko. Prove di lettura. Studi Slavistici, 4(1), 117–141.


Reading the Poetry of Taras Ševčenko

The Author examines the poem Oj, čoho ty počornilo. In the fi rst part she uncovers echoes of the Ukrainian cultural tradition of the 17th-18th centuries: they permit to have a deeper insight into the signification of the poem. In the second part the Author focuses on some open issues concerning the interpretation of the text. Indeed, as shown by previous literary criticism, the apparently clear text contains several ambiguities. How should be understood the last two lines? Do they defi nitely condemn the Ukrainians of the 19th century to eternal loss of hope about the possibility of ever having a state and freedom? Or is there a possibility of future rescue? Some of the interpretations suggested by Smal’-Stoc’kyj are – at least partially – convincing. Nonetheless, the Author maintains that to really penetrate it, one needs to read any poem of Ševčenko’s in the context of the whole of his poetical corpus. Moreover, the ‘poetics of fragment’, that was widely spread in Russian and other European literatures of Romanticism, may offer useful tools for further investigation of this poem and of Ševčenko’s poetry in general.


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