Studi Slavistici XII • 2015
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Taras Ševčenko on Majdan

Published February 12, 2016
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Siedina, G. (2016). Taras Ševčenko on Majdan. Studi Slavistici, 12, 333-353.


The author illustrates the different ways in which the Ukrainian national poet Taras Ševčenko was ‘used’ by participants in the protest movement known as Jevromajdan (Euromaidan) (November 2013-February 2014). In particular the author analyzes quotations and adaptations of Ševčenko’s poetry, portrayals of the poet himself (paintings, photomontages, sculptures), and poems inspired by him and conceived as a sort of dialogue with him. The aforementioned uses of Ševčenko are investigated with regard to their function in supporting the protesters’ claims and reasons for discontent, also taking into account the inextricable and unique bond that links Ukraine and Ukrainians with the human, moral and poetic legacy of Taras Ševčenko.


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