Studi Slavistici XVI (2019) 2
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The Letters of Ettore Lo Gatto to Piero Cazzola (1959-1979)

Giulia Baselica
University of Turin
Published January 20, 2020
  • Ettore Lo Gatto,
  • Piero Cazzola
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Baselica, G. (2020). The Letters of Ettore Lo Gatto to Piero Cazzola (1959-1979). Studi Slavistici, 16(2), 283-341.


From 1959 to 1979 Ettore Lo Gatto was in close correspondence with Piero Cazzola. It appears that all of Lo Gatto’s letters are preserved, and they represent an interesting contribution to our knowledge of Italian Slavic studies history. In his missives, the dean of Slavic studies sends the younger scholar personal information, bibliographical suggestions, advice relating to study and research, news concerning the publication of essays, articles, reviews and the organization of national and international conferences and congresses. The result is a well-rounded self-portrait of the great slavist in his years of maturity, overshadowed by difficulties, sorrows and suffering, but nevertheless animated by a constant and exemplary passion for study, research and dissemination of the Slavic world. The collection of 76 letters bears witness to a deep friendship based on mutual esteem and fed by the admiration Cazzola had for the patriarch of Slavic studies in Italy: the latter, in his turn, was, at times ruthless in his opinions, but generous with his advice.


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