No. 24 (2022): Housing Renovation
Research and Experimentation

Student housing in architectural renovation and urban regeneration projects

Roberto Bologna
Dipartimento di Architettura, Università di Firenze

Published 2022-07-26


  • University student housing,
  • Law 338/2000,
  • Standard,
  • Project,
  • Recovery

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Bologna, R. (2022). Student housing in architectural renovation and urban regeneration projects. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (24), 198–206.


University student living is an evolving form of housing, subject to significant investment and design experimentation. In Italy, Law 338/2000 gave a strong stimulus to the construction of student residences, incentivised the renovation of the existing building stock and produced significant results in terms of architectural and urban redevelopment throughout the country. The considerations outlined are the result of several years of research that has seen the working group engaged in the definition of project standards and in the activities of project investigation and the monitoring of the realisations conducted in support of the ministerial evaluation (MUR) of co-financing applications. The data acquired in the course of the research constitute an unprecedented wealth of knowledge on the phenomenon of student housing in the last fifteen years in Italy.


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