No 24 (2022): Housing Renovation

Issue Description

According to the evolving housing demand trends and the new requirements frameworks linked to the international scenario of the green transition the theme of housing renovation is developed according to the relational specificities that relate housing to its context, from environmental units and residential scale to settlement systems. In relation to this multiscalarity, the current condition of the existing housing stock is inadequate due to the significant environmental, technological, functional and spatial deficits that characterize residential buildings, even more in view of the great challenges of the Green Deal and the post-Covid economic recovery objectives.

This volume collects contributions of research, experimental design and essays that profile the issue of Housing Renovation in terms of new uses, more articulated spatial endowments, equipment and services, as well as to the principles of functional mixité, self-sufficiency, inclusion and sharing, in the perspective of deep renovation and adaptation aimed at a different declination of the relationship between the residential function and its context, in an ecosystemic perspective.


Table of Contents

Introduction to the issue




Essays and Viewpoint

Research and Experimentation



Innovation and Industrial Development

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