TECHNE 2 (2011): Technological design
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Design in the educational process for architects and engineers

TECHNE 2 (2011): Technological design

Published 2011-11-02

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Schiaffonati, F. (2011). Design in the educational process for architects and engineers. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, 1(2), 52–59.


The theme of education and scientific research for architects and engineers assumes a particular connotation due to the diverse polarity, today, of places where design occurs, its connection with the analyses, specialist in-depth examination and synthesis of the proposal. The very high ‘technological level’ reached in architectural design risks being uncritically applied. The persistence of the applicative aspect of design does not exclude the possibility of basic and experimental research being conducted in universities, although within the transmission of knowledge related to the acquisition of practical skills deriving from industrial technologies, for their current and correct use. Architectural design in the University must assume the connotation of «precompetitive development», in a system of objectives with undisputed ‘structural’ reason.


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