TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development
Research and Experimentation

Sustainable building and local resources

TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development

Published 2014-05-21


  • Identiy,
  • Industrial Ecology,
  • Local economy,
  • Partecipation

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Forlani, M. C., & Mastrolonardo, L. (2014). Sustainable building and local resources. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (7), 194–203.


The research comes from the deepest reasons of the crisis, in order to recognize in such reasons themselves the direction to come out, the new needs and the new challenges. The local resources (material and immaterial) were reconsidered as patrimony, precious but limited, of each specific area to trace out a path of supportability able to rebuild new relations between project/production and environmental culture. The industrial production becomes a driving force for the economic renewal through an iterative cycle between research/science and economics aiming to smart building, meant as practice in evolution. This practise is careful to the local, environmental, cultural and economic situation, whose parameters are identity, energy, environment, mobility and economics that give back different scale answers.