TECHNE 18 (2019): Detailed Design


Francesca Giglio
Dipartimento dArTe, Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria

Published 2019-11-29


  • reviews,
  • techne,
  • Detailed design

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Giglio, F. (2019). Reviews. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (18), 333–334.


The Detailed design: the role, the objectives and its potentialities. A topic that, more than the others previously covered, represents one of the principal cornerstone of the discipline. In this case, transcending from purely regulatory aspects, we focus on the relationship between Detailed design and Architecture, on the importance of the attention to construction detail in the passage, never trivial, between ideation and implementation moment. at architecture is always built is a concept that accompanies the Masters of the twentieth century, scholars of the beauty of detail, including Loos, Wright, Gropius, and manifest of the contemporary architecture of Scarpa, Nervi, Ridolfi, and again of Ungers, Siza, Piano, Campo Baeza. The transition between ideation and creativity, has in the Detailed design its core, in which converge aspects of technological culture and control of material choices, which look at constructive detail as a means to the formal and performance quality of the artifact.


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