TECHNE 20 (2020): Time and architecture
Essays and Viewpoint

The time factor in the design of adaptive architectures

Attilio Nebuloni
Dipartimento di Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italia
Published July 29, 2020
  • Adaptability,
  • Interaction,
  • Computation,
  • Variability,
  • Duration
How to Cite
Nebuloni, A. (2020). The time factor in the design of adaptive architectures. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (20), 98-105.


Architectures capable of dynamically interacting with the context and change aspects of their physicality are an interdisciplinary research field with many implications on living environments and on design itself. In this area, the designers’ attention is mainly focused on the temporal aspect, on the relationship with project, technology, and construction, framing the discussion on tools and design strategies for the dynamic management of variables, on the one hand, and on innovations affecting technologies and actors of the design process, on the other. In the field of adaptive architecture, the paper proposes a reinterpretation of the meaning of duration, explaining the structure and the key factors that characterise its application approach.


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