Vol. 13 No. 26 (2023): (UPCOMING) - Il dibattito sulla ricerca sociale pubblica in Italia. Storia, Profili, Prospettive.
Monographic Section

Perché la sociologia pubblica resta controversa

Carlo De Rose
Università della Calabria

Published 2024-06-03


  • Burawoy,
  • Public sociology,
  • Publics,
  • Public social research,
  • Public communication

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De Rose, C. (2024). Perché la sociologia pubblica resta controversa. Cambio. Rivista Sulle Trasformazioni Sociali, 13(26). Retrieved from https://oaj.fupress.net/index.php/cambio/article/view/15291


The public sociology promoted by Burawoy has met with consensus and skeptical voices over time. The debate has focused mainly on the model of disciplinary division of labour and on the interactions between the different types of sociology. In the scientific community, however, the implications connected to the concrete implementation of public sociology have been discussed in a fragmented way. Starting from the contributions on the topic found in the Italian debate, this article proposes a reflection on the problematic aspects connected to the construction of the sociologist's relationship with the public. The critical comments concern both traditional and organic public sociology. The article also raises objections regarding some epistemological assumptions of the public sociology conceived by Burawoy, highlighting the possible misunderstandings that derive from them. In the conclusions, attention is drawn to the potentially fruitful contributions that can come from some developments in public social research.