Online First and Just Accepted Articles List

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In response to the requests of our scientific community, Cambio is glad to make articles available online after acceptance.


Just Accepted Articles

After peer-review and revision, the Just Accepted Articles will be posted online prior to technical editing, formatting for publication, and author proofing.

Just Accepted Manuscripts will be given a header, an article ID, a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), and will show an “Accepted” watermark across each page.
Finally the Just Accepted Manuscripts will be removed from the website, the article will be assigned to a forthcoming issue and published both online and in hard copy. The DOI will always remain the same.

Online First Articles

Once a proof has been corrected and finalized, an article is ready for Online First publication and can be published online. This means that readers can access peer reviewed articles well before print publication. These articles are searchable on the journal homepage and can be cited using their unique DOI. The formatting depends on the reference style of the journal, but in principle you can simply use the DOI instead of volume and page numbers.

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