Aestimum 46 (2005)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

Scenari di trasformazione urbana: il caso di Porta Nuova a Torino

Published 2009-06-01


This study illustrates the results of the analyses, of exploratory character, developed on the case study of Turin Porta Nuova, currently the central railway station of the City. The large central urban area, from Porta Nuova to Lingotto stations, is the subject of a renewal and transformation process. This intervention requires the support of public-private partnerships and an “evaluation approach” which is able to satisfy the different and often conflicting objectives of public decision-makers and private investors. For this reasons, the Analytic Hierarchy Process has been used with the aim to identify a priority scale of the various urban land uses, taking into account of different stakeholders and decision-makers.


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