Aestimum 49 (2006)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

I paesaggi identitari: riferimento comune per il Piano paesistico e il Piano di sviluppo rurale 2006-2013. Il caso dell'Umbria

Published 2009-06-01


The work proposes to analyse characteristic Umbrian regional landscapes from the rural and agricultural perspectives, with the aid of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Identity landscapes are indicated as the common reference point in the Landscape Plan and also in the landscape measures outlined by the new Regional Rural Development Plan, especially from the ‘area-based landscape actions’ implentation point of view. In this manner, landscape measures would be placed in the territorial sphere as ‘uniform’ with respect to specific phisycal/environmental and socio-economic variables, therefore overcoming uniform standards of only a physical/structural nature, as in the case of landscape pedological maps used for the geographic definition of ‘area-based agri-environment actions’ financed by the rural development plan 2000-2006.


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