Aestimum 54 (2009)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

La valutazione delle tecniche di difesa costiera attraverso indici di valutazione non-monetaria e monetaria.

Published 2009-10-02


The growing interest in coastal defence and initiatives against erosion consider renders increasingly important the choice of defence techniques, not only for the duration of their effects , but also for aesthetic factors and on the use of the beach for recreative, landscape and bathing purposes. This work stems from a previous analysis on the beach nourishment carried out in a bathing resort (Ladispoli) in the province of Rome, where the expense for the beach nourishment seemed acceptable, the objective now is to analyse the problem considering the aesthetic aspect. This involves consideration of the visual effect of defence structures (nourishment, breakwaters, groynes, seawalls, ecc.) measuring the visual impact of the components and comparing complex scenarios, in order to achieve a scale of aesthetic values that can be transformed in monetary values and included in the investment valuation.


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