Aestimum 60 (2012)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

L’utilizzo della regressione multipla nelle indagini estimative condotte in mercati fondiari attivi: il caso studio di oliveti e vigneti in un territorio siciliano

Published 2012-08-02


The present study aims to provide a further contribution to the knowledge about the mechanism of price formation concerning olive orchards and vineyards in a land market of south-west Sicily. Firstly the main characteristics of a sample concerning 42 land properties recently sold in Partanna territory were surveyed and afterwards their relationships between the most relevant among them and the correspondent market prices (both total and unitary sales prices) were investigated through the Multiple Regression Analysis. Finally some propositive remarks were formulated in order to create and successively keep up to date a database of land market prices, necessary tool to improve the quality level of professional valuers in the field of agricultural market.


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