Aestimum 65 (2014)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

Caratteristiche fondiarie e sostenibilità globale in agricoltura: un’esplorazione in Campania

Published 2015-02-06


This paper aims to assess the state of the agricultural global sustainability and the role that, with respect to the objective, can develop the characteristics of the land factor. The results show, at farm level, a trade-off between environmental and socio-economic sustainability in terms of altitude, of some productive potential of the land and in correspondence with an enlargement of the farm size. Moreover, the land factor plays a potential role also in terms of improvement of the global sustainability; a result this, that attributes great relevance to the land values. For this reason, the variables that explain the economic capacity of the farms assume strategic importance, given that the preservation of the quantity of land available for farming passes through the increase of the agricultural rent which, in turn, determines higher land values.


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