Atti del XLIII Incontro di Studio (Verona)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

Greenweb and the landscape. A WebGIS –DRSA valuation pattern for the programs of slow viability in Syracuse Province

Published 2016-01-29


The territory of Syracuse is composed of different important natural, cultural and anthropic landscape complexes. As a whole, the territory is affected by an inhomogeneous development pattern, mostly oriented to the waterfront. A greenways land policy based on an effective land marketing pattern might reduce this gap. The study assumes an axiological approach to land planning, combining a qualitative valuation model based on a WebGIS-MAVT tool, and an interactive multicriteria tool based on and a DRSA pattern. The former allows the users to select the preferable path by expressing their preferences within a hierarchic three including the different value functions. The latter generates the preferences structure of the target segments users, and allows the decision maker to adjust the MAVT pattern.


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