Special Issue on "The 2022 Italian General Elections"


We're excited to announce our Special Issue on "The 2022 Italian General Elections". This in-depth exploration seeks to unravel the intricate dynamics of Italy's 2022 election, offering a multi-faceted analysis that bridges both historical and European contexts.

  • "The 2022 Italian general election: a political shock or the new normal?" — Authors Arianna Giovannini, Marco Valbruzzi, and Davide Vampa --> read
  • "A midsummer night's dream: political communication during the Italian 2022 electoral campaign" — Arturo Bertero and Gaetano Scaduto --> read
  • "Right-wing victory in the 2022 Italian parliamentary election: territorial patterns and systemic implications" - Sofia Marini, Gianluca Piccolino --> read
  • "Career models in the new tripolar order. Political profiles of the Italian MPs after 2022 general elections" - Matteo Boldrini, Selena Grimaldi --> read
  • "Walking on the tightrope between moderation and radicalisation: the first 100 days of the Meloni government" — Marianna Griffini --> read

In light of the landmark 2022 election — that gave Italy its most ideologically right-wing government and the first female prime minister in history — our collection intends to provide readers with interpretative keys to understand the recent developments in Italian and European politics. Explore these insightful papers and engage in this captivating political dialogue.