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Just Accepted Manuscript

In the aftermath of the first COVID-19 wave, this study examines the relationship between political trust and public perceptions of pandemic measures. Using Eurobarometer data, the research shows that political trust was influenced by institutional performance, while public perceptions and policy measures had a partial impact on this trust.


Vol 86, No 1 (2023): The 2022 Italian general election

The special issue on the 2022 Italian general election, edited by Arianna Giovannini, Marco Valbruzzi, and Davide Vampa, argues that the election continues a 'new political normal' in Italy, characterized by volatility and the rise of populist ideas. The issue covers various aspects such as pre-election strategies, the growth of far-right parties in a European context, and the moderate initial governance of the winning party, Meloni's Fratelli d'Italia. Overall, the election is seen as a continuation rather than a radical change, fitting within broader trends in Italy and Europe.

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2022: Just Accepted

Research Notes: 'Elections, governments, heads, and legislatures in Italy 1730-2021' - Francesco Bromo

Articles: 'Vote metropolitanization after the transnational cleavage and the suburbanization of radical right populism: the cases of London and Rome' - Mirko Crulli