Published September 29, 2021

Issue Description


In this Virtual Special Issue QOE-IJES decided to propose a collection of articles published in its historical archive investigating various aspects of elections in Germany, where votes for its 20th federal parliament were cast on Sept. 26, 2021.

Two articles (both written by our founding editor, Mario Caciagli) provide an overview on previous federal elections and voting behaviour both before and after the reunification.

The increasing personalization of electoral campaign in the last decades and the role of the electoral system in voter’s choice are explored in other two articles, while another one focuses on Bayern and its popular referenda’s system.

The last contribution is a collection of excerpts taken from the historical QOE-IJES Section Elections around the world – Reports: all German federal elections 1983-2017 are covered with results and post-electoral comments.




Le sette elezioni federali nella Germania unita (1990-2013)

Mario Caciagli



Sistemi elettorali e comportamento di voto: una comparazione tra Germania e Nuova Zelanda

Marco Calabrò



Recenti campagne elettorali in Germania: verso una nuova professionalizzazione?

Luca Nesi



Modelli di comportamento elettorale nella Repubblica federale tedesca (1949-1987) e le prime elezioni della Germania unita (1990)

Mario Caciagli



Iniziative popolari e referendum in Baviera

Bernd Arnold



Rubrica Elezioni nel Mondo – Germania (1983-2017)

Leonardo Morlino, Pier Vincenzo Uleri, Roberto Fideli, Silvia Bolgherini, Stefano Rombi



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