Studi Slavistici XV, 2018, 2
Materiali e discussioni

Conversation with Jurij Lotman

Luigi Magarotto
“Ca’ Foscari” University of Venice

Published 2019-02-02


  • Aleksandr Puškin,
  • The Prisoner of the Caucasus,
  • George Byron,
  • Michail Lermontov

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Magarotto, L. (2019). Conversation with Jurij Lotman. Studi Slavistici, 15(2), 259–266.


In September 1987, my friend Marzio Marzaduri and I were in Moscow carrying out our research in public libraries and archives. During our stay, we thought it would be useful to meet with Jurij Lotman, given that Marzio was writing his biography (the first part would be published in 1989 in Milan) and I wished to talk with him about Puškin’s poem The Prisoner of the Caucasus. Thanks to the intermediation of professor Igor’ Černov, Lotman invited us to lunch at his home. On September 29 we arrived in Tartu, where Lotman, together with his wife, Zara Minc, a well-known Blok scholar, welcomed us with great cordiality. The following conversation with Lotman, about The Prisoner of the Caucasus, its sources and influences, was recorded on tape on that occasion.


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