TECHNE 2 (2011): Technological design
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Architectural Technology and Technological Planning

TECHNE 2 (2011): Technological design

Published 2011-11-02


  • Architectural Technology,
  • Methodology

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Giallocosta, G. (2011). Architectural Technology and Technological Planning. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, 1(2), 24–31.


At least three fundamental aspects of the many singular technological approaches to architectural planning are currently evolving significantly and are ripe for potential development. The first relates to enhanced opportunities for defining the ex-ante characteristics and performance of building products and components, but particularly concerns potential leadership assumptions in planning and the ‘reification’ of architecture through ‘collective’ behaviours. The second relates to the tendency to try and overcome the connotation of architectural projects, inclusive of their entire life cycle. The third relates to current evolutionary developments (either potential or simply implicit) in performance approach.


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