TECHNE 4 (2012): Social housing
Research and Experimentation

Urban renewal: strategies for high density residential suburbs regeneration

TECHNE 4 (2012): Social housing

Published 2012-10-28


  • High density,
  • Regeneration,
  • Sustainability

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Boeri, A., Longo, D., & Roversi, R. (2012). Urban renewal: strategies for high density residential suburbs regeneration. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (4), 171–178.


This article summarizes the main results of a research conducted by the University of Bologna, Department of Architecture, within the framework of the Research Program PRIN 2008, «Renovation, regeneration and valorisation of social housing settlements built in the suburban areas in the second half of last century». Once quantified the residential stock, a methodology for multidisciplinary analysis, applied to a specific case study (the district of Pilastro in Bologna), aimed at evaluating the different complementary aspects of building quality (social, functional, technical and environmental ones) was developed with the objective of formulating strategies of intervention and models aimed at reducing the problems detected.


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