TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration
Essays and Viewpoint

Inclusive Processes and project anticipation for urban and territorial regeneration

TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration

Published 2015-11-16


  • Project anticipation,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Collaborative governance,
  • Participative design

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Fanzini, D., & Rotaru, I. (2015). Inclusive Processes and project anticipation for urban and territorial regeneration. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (10), 102–109.


This paper refers to the theme of urban regeneration in the long term perspective, studying the particular intersection area between the future studies and the processes defining the contemporary design culture. The goal is to propose a first delimitation of the core of a research field that could be called ‘project anticipation’ and possible competitive areas of interest for technological and environmental design. This investigation is motivated by the belief that the actual profound transformations impose a fast and strong cultural maturation of the technologist who has to advance from the role of technical director to the one of main actor of change. The resumption of long-term project and the ability to create perspective visions leading institutions and social and economic players in the present complexity result as indispensable requirements which determine the integration of the new dimension of project on the temporary scale of ideas. 


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