TECHNE 12 (2016): Architecture Memory Contemporaneity
Research and Experimentation

Refurbishment of Social housing: a survey of the building stock owned by ATC Torino

TECHNE 12 (2016): Architecture Memory Contemporaneity

Published 2016-11-28


  • social housing,
  • refurbishment,
  • maintenance,
  • durability

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Levra Levron, A., Marino, D., & Pollo, R. (2016). Refurbishment of Social housing: a survey of the building stock owned by ATC Torino. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (12), 199–206.


The Italian public housing building stock is considerable, although quantitatively less than that of other European countries,. The public policies adopted in the last decades have pushed the supply of housing by the private sector and supported the sale of the assets by the public housing authorities. Those buildings are often degraded and obsolete. Nevertheless, the issue of redevelopment of this part of the residential building stock is a central focus, also because of its important social role, especially in the current period of crisis. One of the recurring factors in the Italian case is the low quality of this building stock due to the lack of an organic maintenance activity. The paper reports the first results of a research carried out by the Department of Architecture and Design in cooperation with a social housing public authority, the Regional Agency for the Central Piedmont House (ATC). The goal of the research was the development of methodologies for estimating and analysis of maintenance requirements. Moreover, the study suggests and develops a forecasting tool for the planning of maintenance operations and redevelopment of the large building estates.


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