TECHNE 14 (2017): Architecture and social innovation
Research and Experimentation

Eco-social innovation for efficient urban metabolisms

Alessandro Sgobbo
Department of Architecture, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italia
TECHNE 14 (2017): Architecture and social innovation

Published 2017-11-27


  • social infrastructure,
  • participation,
  • cooperation,
  • inclusion

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Sgobbo, A. (2017). Eco-social innovation for efficient urban metabolisms. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (14), 335–342.


The paper reports the results of a research Project intended to promote socio-ecological effect in the urban renewal projects of deteriorated Mediterranean metropolitan suburbs. The thesis is that the direct participation of the citizens in the urban metabolism meets the contingent needs of inclusion and social cohesion typically involving the complexity of urban life today. It also overcomes the oppositions aimed to the defense of established status quo or due to irrational fears. We focus on process aspects. In fact, the roster of best practices for urban renewal shows an increased growth in product offering. The experimentation conducted allowed us to verify the thesis demonstrating the social efficiency of processes in which the collaborative component is not limited to a teamwork design but features continuous participation in the operation of the city.


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