TECHNE: Special Series Vol. 1
Essays and Viewpoint

Distributed Renewable and Interactive Energy Systems in Urban Environments

Maurizio Sibilla
Oxford Brookes University
Esra Kurul
Oxford Brookes University
TECHNE: Special Series Vol. 1

Published 2018-04-09


  • Low Carbon City,
  • Smart City,
  • System Innovation,
  • Urban Patterns

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Sibilla, M., & Kurul, E. (2018). Distributed Renewable and Interactive Energy Systems in Urban Environments. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (1), 33–39.


European Policies consider a multitude of Low Carbon Technologies to transform cities to Low Carbon Cities. Some of these technologies can form distributed systems. These are new forms of Energy Networks which can contribute to reducing the vulnerability and homogenization of urban patterns as they evolve to become part of the urban infrastructure. This evolution process also involves computerizing elements of the infrastructure, and thus relates to the Smart City concept. In this sense, a Distributed and Renewable energy system becomes interactive promoting a set of novel system properties. Following a qualitative approach, this paper presents an innovative conceptual framework in order to establish, communicate and disseminate these new system properties. 


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