TECHNE 20 (2020): Time and architecture
Research and Experimentation

Update in progress. Urban metabolism strategies: an application case

Federico Orsini
Dipartimento di Architettura, Università degli studi Roma Tre, Italia
Published July 29, 2020
  • Performance updating,
  • Superfetations,
  • Building on the built,
  • Urban metabolism,
  • Time
How to Cite
Orsini, F. (2020). Update in progress. Urban metabolism strategies: an application case. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (20), 195-203.


Time acts as a fundamental variable of urban transformation. In fact, changing needs can make an architecture or a technological unit obsolete over time. Precisely, this unexpected deficiency in performance can no longer be interpreted as a limitation but rather as potential to update the architecture itself. This paper fits into this framework and investigates both the potential and limitations of architecture considered an upgradeable system in which time, and the need for changes, become a variable of transformation. By analysing a case study and possible updating strategies relative to a renewed demand framework, the paper underlines the potential that modern architecture offers in terms of updating.


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