Aestimum 46 (2005)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

Disponibilità a pagare e disponibilità ad accettare per la riduzione dell'impatto paesaggistico delle linee elettriche dell'alta tensione

Published 2009-06-01


Some recent studies pointed out that electricity pylons are one of the most important factors of rural landscape degradation. In order to estimate the monetary value of pylons visual impact, two different contingent valuation approaches were used. The first one simulated a referendum poll in which people were asked to state his or her willingness to accept a compensation (throw the reduction of paid taxes) for the loss of landscape quality. In the second one people were asked to state the willingness to pay to underground the overhead lines. Results highlight that political markets simulation will reduce, but not eliminate, differences between WTA and WTP. The reasons of such a result are discussed at the light of recent international research in this field.


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