Aestimum 58 (2011)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

Un’analisi dei fattori che influenzano il valore dei rustici a destinazione residenziale nel Veneto

Published 2011-06-23


In Italy only few researches have been devoted to the analysis of the farmhouses market. This stems from the difficulty of having information about the real price of selling. In an attempt to partially overcome such drawback, the offer prices of more than 600 farmhouses were collected from the website of the estate agents in the Veneto region in 2008. Using these data it was found that the factors affecting the value of the farmhouses are in many ways similar to those of the housing market of the region. The value of the farmhouses is higher in the cities and tends to decline gradually moving to the metropolitan municipalities and to the marginal rural areas. In the hills and mountains, however, the value tends to be higher than the urban houses. The value of the rural houses seems depend on the degree of economic development of the territory and its environmental and landscape features.


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