Aestimum 59 (2011)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

Sulla qualità (alimentare) come regola conformativa della destinazione d’uso del suolo

Published 2011-12-27


A plan of sustainable development of territory needs that it has overcome the town planning marginalization and assured the quality of life in towns too, as depending on the services which country can offer.
The reappraisal of productive power of the soil have to take the law analysis into account, coming back to consider the importance of linking production with territory to have a different treatment that is justified by the adjustment to the primary needs of society about health and environmental protection. The modern relation between geographical areas and economic flows brings, in fact, a full valorisation of multifunctional role of farm and propose new ways to set products on the market, especially in big towns, towards short chains of supply and direct sale to consumers. Realizing quality actions within planning, it must not undervalue the need of a correct regulation of rural areas considering the impact of renewable energies too.


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