Aestimum 68 (2016)
Original Articles - Appraisal and rural economics

«Demonopolizzazione» delle competenze in materia di coltivazione di organismi geneticamente modificati: forma europea e livelli territoriali di governo

Published 2016-08-07


A recent directive gives Member States the freedom of choice in relation to the cultivation of genetically modified seeds, recognizing an achieved flexibility to realize economic goals at geographical level according to territorial differences and cultural orientations. In fact, the scope of cultivation adjustment is the result of a process of cooperative regulation legitimized by the role that retains the European Commission. It is, therefore, to exclude a real tipping of power relationships in the European integration design of the States, but there are the conditions for increased awareness of citizens through participatory processes to expected changes in terms of health and environment able to put at stake the intervention of the national legislature.


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