Vol. 22 No. 1 (2023): n° 1 gennaio-giugno 2023
Dossier "Les familles et l’inclusion: quels enjeux critiques et quelles perspectives?"

Early Childhood Services as Inclusive Contexts. Opportunities to Support Families

Moira Sannipoli
Università di Perugia

Published 2023-07-31


  • inclusion,
  • early childhood services,
  • parenting support,
  • possibilities,
  • hope

How to Cite

Sannipoli, M. (2023). Early Childhood Services as Inclusive Contexts. Opportunities to Support Families. Rivista Italiana Di Educazione Familiare, 22(1), 77–88. https://doi.org/10.36253/rief-14515


The contribution proposes a reflection about the possible inclusive dimensions of early childhood services. Despite the lack of a clear regulatory framework in Italy, there are significant care and education practices that play a crucial role in the early years of life. Support for parenthood in acceptance of diagnosis and the activation of a teamwork with the social and territorial health services are crucial at this stage. In addition is significant to build up ordinary educational contexts that can customize the proposals in a perspective of “special normality”. The professionalism that lives in these services must be able to count on an initial and ongoing training that supports thought and reflection against possible lapses in linear thoughts, often based on normalizing cultural frames. The comments shown come from a research project conducted in the Umbria Region through a self-reflective tool called “Self Reflection Tool” developed by the European Agency for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education (2017), with a specific focus on family dimensions.


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