n° 2 luglio-dicembre 2016

Relazioni pedagogiche e familiari nella rivista «Bambini». Uno studio di caso

Published 2016-11-24


  • Malaguzzi,
  • Reggio Children,
  • history of childhood,
  • pedagogy of the family

How to Cite

Spampani, G. (2016). Relazioni pedagogiche e familiari nella rivista «Bambini». Uno studio di caso. Rivista Italiana Di Educazione Familiare, 11(2), 171–182. https://doi.org/10.13128/RIEF-19528


The town of Reggio Emilia has shown since the early years of the twentieth century a special interest in childhood. The establishment of nursery schools, for example the experience of the school of Villa Cella, a small fraction of Reggio Emilia, entirely unintended and partly managed by the inhabitants of the town, as well as show a marked sensitivity towards younger children and their employed mothers in work activities, demonstrates innovative thinking that sees in the pedagogical and family relationships a pin on which to rest education. Malaguzzi did just that as relying on family and relationship with family members the environmental education project, that is brought to light and spread, as well as with the school practice every day, thanks to the journal «Bambini». Born in 1988 in Reggio Emilia thanks to the work of Malaguzzi and his collaborators, the magazine stands in the Italian panorama for the importance given to childhood issues, including the education of the family and the centrality of family relationships in the educational project of children. In fact, the grant is intended to analyze the relevance of family relationships, showing, on the one hand, how they are declined in the magazine and on the other, the capacity for dialogue between different areas of educational research.


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