TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency
Research and Experimentation

Green technologies for the environmental upgrading of infrastructures

TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency

Published 2013-05-13


  • Infrastructure Hubs,
  • Environmental sustainability,
  • Green Technologies,
  • Energy efficiency

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Battisti, A. (2013). Green technologies for the environmental upgrading of infrastructures. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (5), 135–140.


Over the last few decades, the globalization phenomenon has determined the exponential development - from an economic, cultural and political standpoint - of traffic flows, the number of means and infrastructures involved in communication and exchange. At the same time, these represent one of the most complicated environmental issues of contemporary times, but perhaps also one of the most outstanding opportunities for setting up processes aimed at upgrading the territory and its constructions, towards environmental regeneration and social reorganization. These, in turn, would produce and spread (as in some already established examples of infrastructure upgrading) innovative and more sustainable forms of urban lifestyles.
The present contribution aims at illustrating the former, beginning with research and experiments involving the development of eco-friendly meta-design models for the correct employment of “green technologies” in: meta-project research for small mobility facilities; expansion and redevelopment works for the Stazione Termini; experiments in design for some energy-efficient underground metro stops in Rome.


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