TECHNE 8 (2014): Research and project knowledge transfer

Research, architectural design and knowledge transfer

TECHNE 8 (2014): Research and project knowledge transfer

Published 2014-10-24


  • Research,
  • Architectural Project,
  • Knowledge transfer,
  • Innovation

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Losasso, M. (2014). Research, architectural design and knowledge transfer. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (8), 8–12.


Dossier develops a reflection on the relationship between research, design and knowledge transfer, starting by the contributions that emerged in the conference in Rome on 19th of June on the theme “Experimenting design. Teaching and Scientific Research in Architecture Schools”. The design phase is seen as specialized, experimental and innovative activity. In this context design has a high study value, and represents a consistent commitment of civil as well as ethical, because of the important socio-economic consequences. Dossier contains interviews with Presidents of several Scientific Societies who animat- ed the conference. Today Universities and Scientific Societies may constitute relevant subjects for the promotion of design research, starting from the specific competencies expressed in several fields, ranging from the experimentation to the product, design, and process innovation, and to the technology and knowledge transfer.


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