Vol. 4 No. 1 (2015)
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Organisation as a key factor in Localised Agri-Food Systems (LAFS)

Corrado Giacomini
Università di Bologna

Published 2015-03-12


  • agricultural policy,
  • organisation,
  • contractualisation,
  • agri-food

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Giacomini, C., & Mancini, M. C. (2015). Organisation as a key factor in Localised Agri-Food Systems (LAFS). Bio-Based and Applied Economics, 4(1), 17–32. https://doi.org/10.13128/BAE-15088


Most studies of Localised Agri-Food Systems (LAFS) focus on the localised concentration of members and firms, and pay less attention to organisational factors, particularly those of an exogenous nature. This paper focuses on the role of organisation in a LAFS, assessing the efficacy of EU organisational measures aimed at strengthening the concentration of supply from the recent CAP reform 2014-2020. The paper has three sections. Part One describes the evolution of the concept of LAFS. Part Two examines the leading role played by institutions in organising relationships between firms in a LAFS. The example provided is that of the measures affecting the organisation of supply introduced by the recent CAP reform, 2014-2020. It makes particular reference to the Distretto del pomodoro da industria – Nord Italia (‘Industrial Tomato District – Northern Italy’). Part Three describes how organisational factors can lead to the creation of a LAFS, while the criterion of proximity is necessary but not sufficient.


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