Aestimum 51 (2007)
Original Articles - Agricultural Law

Il ruolo della vite nella caratterizzazione del territorio e degli ordinamenti produttivi per lo sviluppo delle aziende agrituristiche in Toscana

Published December 20, 2007


The paper proposes a georeferred analytical model in order to verify at what extent the territorial element, in particular the role played by vine, represents a resource that is able to orientate the local development. The analysis has been done in different subsequent steps: firstly, it has been examined the relation between each of the 1.600 regional farm tourisms with the spatial distribution of viticulture, than, at county level, it has been examined the relation between the local farm tourism offer with the territorial diffusion of viticulture. The analytical model proposed gives an useful approach for the application of the most recent directions of communitarian, national and regional agricultural policies, because it allows to point out the relationships between territory-enterprise and territory-product and suggests an integrated model for rural development.


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