Aestimum 75 (2019)

Evaluating the flood damage on dairy farms: a methodological proposal

Anna Gaviglio
University of Milan, Italy
Rosalia Filippini
University of Milan, Italy
Daniela Molinari
Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Maria Elena Marescotti
University of Milan, Italy
Eugenio Demartini
University of Milan, Italy
Published February 24, 2020
  • Flood hazard,
  • economic damage,
  • livestock,
  • Italy
How to Cite
Gaviglio, A., Filippini, R., Molinari, D., Marescotti, M. E., & Demartini, E. (2020). Evaluating the flood damage on dairy farms: a methodological proposal. Aestimum, (75), 183-205.


The debate on climate change arose several concerns on the impacts of floods on agriculture and, consequently, on food security. At the same time, the European Floods Directive asks Members States to implement suitable measures to mitigate flood damage on economic activities, including farms. Still, while several analyses were developed to estimate potential flood damages on crops, a gap exists for livestock productions. The purpose of this study is to develop a conceptual model for the assessment of flood economic damages on dairy farms. Results propose a static and a dynamic model of farms recovery actions to re-establish the farming activity, which takes into account all farm components, as well as their interaction. Facing the destruction caused by floods, a first reaction of farmers could be closing the activity, with repercussion on this well-being as well as on farm workers’, and on the economy of rural areas. From this perspective, this study wants to provide a first methodological pathway to support farmers in restoring their activity.


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