2020: Special Issue "Sustainable development and circular economy"
Special Issue - Sustainable development and circular economy

Opportunity-spaces for self-regenerative processes: assessing the intrinsic value of complex peri-urban systems

Maria Cerreta
University of Naples Federico II
Maria Reitano
University of Naples Federico II

Published 2021-03-14


  • Circular Economy,
  • Intrinsic value,
  • Analytic Network Process (ANP)


The research aims at evaluating the ability of a peri-urban system to activate territorial self-regenerative processes, according to Circular Economy principles. The adopted methodology identifies opportunity-spaces, through indices of space heterogeneity and of the relational dynamics, established in collective spaces. Through a site-specific set of indicators, it evaluates opportunity-spaces intrinsic value, adopting Analytic Network Process (ANP) as Multi-Criteria Decision Aid method (MCDA). As a result, five categories of opportunity-spaces are defined and spatialised, within hill area of Naples, in the South of Italy.


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