Aestimum 77 (2020)
Pratical-educational in depth examination

Ordinarietà: applicazione, implicazioni ed integrazioni

Francesco Carbone
University of Tuscia
Published January 5, 2021
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Carbone, F. (2021). Ordinarietà: applicazione, implicazioni ed integrazioni. Aestimum, 77, 195-221.


Despite the long time since individuals have started to evaluate goods, as well as the first estimation treaties date back to the XVIII century, a shared epistemological framework of evaluation discipline have not yet been produced.

The growing demand of market values and the expansion of the estimates have greatly reduced the role of ordinariness principle. Scope of application, implementation mode, as well implications underlying its adoption, should be object of investigation in order to define what it is the currently context for its better use. At the same time, the evolution of the market and the socio-economic context call for its support with other principles. These have to be able to ensure appropriate and pro-active theoretical frameworks for answering at new types of value, both for new markets and also for not-market oriented evaluations.


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